I just received a call from “Microsoft” and OH NO I have a virus on my computer. They have been contacted that my system was infected and they are going to help me fix it.

This is a Scam!!!

The Scam takes many different forms, but the general message is something like this.

Hello, this is “Name” and I am with Microsoft. Your computer has notified us that there is One or more infections on your computer. The Microsoft Agent will ask to get access to your computer so that they can show you the problems and infections that are causing the problems.

If you let the Fake Microsoft Agent to connect to your computer, they will run an application on your computer to gather the data needed to “prove” that there is a problem. They will find “problems” that need to be repaired quickly or your data will be vulnerable. Oh yeah, if you just give them your Credit Card, they will handle the problem for you.

If you’re lucky, they would have pretended to fix your problem and you will be a little poorer for this. If you’re a little less luck, they could charge you more than they said or they left some malicious software on your system.

I want to make sure that the North Harbor Solutions clients don’t get caught by this Scam. But someone you might know could get a call like this.

Microsoft is getting the word out. Click on the Link below and you will learn a little more from them.


If someone claiming to be from Microsoft or an affiliate of Microsoft calls you:

• Don’t purchase anything.
• Never give control of your computer to someone you don’t know unless you can confirm that you are talking for a legitimate representative of a computer support company with who you are already a client of.
• Take the caller’s information and immediately report it to your authorities.
• NEVER provide your credit card or financial information to someone claiming to be from Microsoft or any other major software vendor.
• Don’t provide username and passwords as well.

Everyone should know that Microsoft will never calls to provide Technical Support unless you specifically requested assistance.

You can always contact us, North Harbor Solutions, if you have questions. We are here to take a look at your computer if you want, we are here to assist.