Break/Fix Computer Support in Is Broken!

Is your Computer Support Company providing Break/Fix Services. You may be asking what does the term Break/Fix mean. The term is simply that when something Breaks, you call the Computer Support Company to come out and Fix the problem. This method of hardware maintenance and support has been on the way out for over ten years, and it is currently at its weakest point. The reason is simple: proper maintenance technique can ensure your hardware systems remain at optimal capacity on a continuous basis. This is what proactive maintenance and managed services providers are all about. They monitor your systems and take stock o f how fast or slow a given server array uploads. In such a way problems can be identified before they crash your businesses computers.

A Helpful Analogy
Think of your technological operations as an engine in a car. Think of computer support in Northern Michigan — the useful kind at least — as preventative maintenance. Now, you don’t strictly have to change the oil on your vehicle every 3,000 miles. You know the drill; you can probably push it — especially with synthetic blends — to between 5,000 and 7,000 miles before there’s a change. But if you just wait for the engine to break down because you never change the oil, that extreme is going to cost you. It could seize up the entire engine. This is a break-fix model in action. You don’t take your car in until something breaks, at which point the mechanics charge you an arm and a leg to fix it; because what choice do they really have?

Meanwhile, a preventative maintenance regimen is much like Managed Services. With preventative maintenance, your vehicle’s engine can run as much as one million miles or more.

Your computers and servers and even you network equipment are reporting how they are running all the time.  If you or your current IT company are not looking at these early warning systems, you are leaving your business vulnerable.  Managed Services correctly applied will keep your business running efficiently and reduce computer downtime.

Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) also has the ability to assist your business in remaining cutting-edge by acting like the Virtual Chief Technology Officer (V-CTO).  Helping business understand if upgrading to a new Operating System, leasing or buying equipment, or if your business needs a Line of Business (LOB) application to make your business run more efficiently.  Managed Service Providers don’t just maintain your systems; they can help you properly purchase new technology in a way that will most successfully assist your operations. It isn’t just the job of IT support personnel in Northern Michigan to help you find the most cutting-edge, applicable technologies. It’s their passion. The right Managed Service Providers will provide assistance not solely because it’s what pays the bills, but because it’s a passionate feature of their developing lives. The stereotype of the tech geek wouldn’t exist otherwise.

When you’re on the hunt for computer support in Northern Michigan, it makes sense to find technical support that use Managed Service to proactively manage, monitor and maintain your business technology . We at North Harbor Solutions, LLC are passionate Managed Services Providers who transcend the break-fix model to comprehensively meet your business needs.

We support businesses in Cadillac, Traverse City, Benzonia, Manistee, Frankfort and surrounding area.  So if you are looking for assistance with your business technology, please reach out to North Harbor Solutions, LLC to provide an Network Assessment.